The Fiery force that is vengeance fuels a lot different individuals, and the deities of the vengeance domain both love to use it. vengeance is worthwhile if it is given in equal or greater suffering in reciprocation and it should be the only response according to Loviatar. Even the slightest insult against the spiteful queen of dragons Tiamat, her vain and pride will bring down the fury and wrath of her devoted worshipers.[1]



Power of Vengeance DomainEdit

Any divine caster that worships a deity who claims the vengeance domain may choose to channel the deities powers within the domain, and when the caster choses the domain she will become more intimidating. When a power that uses the vengeance domain is hit on an enemy, his next strike against the caster or any of her allies will damage the enemy. And as her power increases so does the damage that the enemy will inflict on him self.
The Powers of the change Domain are:
Astral seal
Avenging light
Holy strike
Radiant vengeance

Small vengeance divinityEdit

To use the divinity of the vengeance domain one must have the channel divinity class feat and worship a deity of the domain. And when the caster has this it gains the ability to use Small Vengeance

Small VengeanceEdit

As you become badly wounded you channel your deities energies and you return pain to they enemy. And as the power of the devoted divine caster increases so does the pain that will be returned to the enemy.[2]




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