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Venom bolt was an evocation spell,[2] commonly used in the Underdark.[1]


A caster who used venom bolt produced a bolt of black, scorching liquid from their hands. The bolt itself could only be directed towards a creature of the caster's choosing. A venom bolt could bypass obstacles and even armor, by acting as a moving mist. The spell affected only one target, which had to be a living being.[1]

A later version of the spell shot forth a beam of deadly energy from the caster's finger, eyes mouth or tip of their tail, which corroded anything its path, as if they were splashed by acid. This ray had the additional effect of paralyzing any creatures within its path, passing through their bodies until it struck a sold wall or barrier. Yuan-ti, Scaled Ones and humanoids of serpentine lineage were immune to the effects of this version of venom bolt.[2]


The spell required verbal, somatic, and material components. The materials required were a flame or spark source, and a minimum of six drops of poison of any type.[1]

The later-developed version of venom bolt had the similar verbal and somatic aspects, but required the material component of a single drop of venom, extracted from any type of snake.[2]



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