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Venomfang was a green dragon who made his lair in an old wizard's tower in the ruins of Thundertree village.[1]


The appearance of Venomfang.

Venomfang was a typical young green dragon. Not wanting to give up his amassed wealth, the dragon was protective of his base. However, he favored survival over death, and planned on flying away if he was badly beaten up and at risk of losing a fight. He had a plentiful hoard, containing coins and even an enchanted axe known as Hew. Venomfang spent a lot of time appreciating the contents of his hoard.[1]


Circa 1491 DR,[note 1] the green dragon flew over Neverwinter Wood to search for a new lair. On his way, he passed over Thundertree and spotted an abandoned tower. He tore his way through the roof and killed the lingering beasts within. After slaying the giant spiders infesting the tower it named its base, Venomfang decided to lie low for a time. The Cult of the Dragon planned to convene with the dragon.[1]



  1. Pages 30‒31 of Lost Mine of Phandelver describe the eruption of Mount Hotenow (1451 DR) as occurring "30 years ago", which would place the adventure in 1481 DR. However, pages 103 and 179 of Acquisitions Incorporated, a later source, state that the events described in the adventure happen five years after both Lost Mine of Phandelver and Princes of the Apocalypse. Since the latter is explicitly set in 1491 DR, and considering this answer by Ed Greenwood about dating the adventure, this wiki will use 1491 DR for events related to this sourcebook.


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