Venya, also known as the Pearly Heaven, was the third layer of Mount Celestia.[2] According to the Great Wheel cosmology, it was the location of the Green Fields, the collective divine realm of Yondalla, Arvoreen, and Cyrrollalee of the halfling pantheon.[4][3]


The layer was softly illuminated by an iridescent white sky whose appearance resembled mother-of-pearl. Unlike Mercuria, whose mountains were jagged and tall, Venya's mountains were smooth and round, all covered in meadows, arable land, woodlands, or mountain vegetation such as alpine grasses and shrubs. Some had snowy peaks. The rivers that ran through the layer were warming, only partially freezing during winter. The layer's petitioners had dammed some of the smaller creeks to form lakes to irrigate their fields and to power mills in the carefully tended fields.[3][2]

Notable LocationsEdit

The Glass Tarn 
A cold mountain lake that contained conduits to the Astral Plane, the Elemental Plane of Water, Ysgard, and the Outlands. It was rumored to grant prophecies or visions to visitors who provided it with sincere offers.[3][2]
Green Fields 
The realm of Yondalla, Arvoreen and Cyrrollalee, as well as the final resting place of halfling souls.[5]



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