Verdant princes were cruel fey that enjoyed making bargains with those in need.[1]


Verdant princes were slender, muscular humanoids, always male, about 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall, but with a number of plant-like features. They had woody antlers, thorn-like spikes on their shoulders, lichen that grew on the forearms like bracers, and a mane of green leaves in place of hair. Their eyes were green and glowed.[1]


Verdant princes were usually cruel and tyrannical fey, living to fulfill their own desires. They cared nothing for their mothers and hated their fathers. They enjoyed making bargains that would lead to strife and anguish.[1]

Interestingly, the season a verdant prince was born in had some effect on their personality. Those born in spring were more chaotic and less cruel, while those born in winter were crueler and more likely to hold to their word.[1]


Verdant princes were fey, with the strengths and weaknesses that entailed: they were strong in magic but cold iron caused grave damage when used against them. They possessed a number of innate magical powers, including being able to disguise themselves at will. Some verdant princes were known to become druids. All verdant princes knew the Common, Elven, Sylvan, and Druidic languages.[1]

Verdant princes also possessed a special ability that aided their habit of making bargains. Called an oath bond, it was a magical binding on bargains made with the verdant prince. A verdant prince could only have one oath bond at a time, and the bargain had to involve an exchange of goods or services. If one party broke the bargain, then the wronged one was instantly aware of the oathbreaker's distance and direction (this did not extend across planes), and the oathbreaker would be sickened. Only a wish or miracle spell could break an oath bond, as well as death; the wronged party would be aware that the oath was ended but not how.[1]

In combat, verdant princes preferred to rely on their spell-like abilities, but would use a quarterstaff in melee if necessary.[1]


Verdant princes were born to dryad or nymph mothers and verdant prince fathers. They were fully grown after a single season. Like some other fey, verdant princes were nearly immortal.[1]

Verdant princes lived in temperate forests. They had dietary habits similar to those of a human, but only required about one-third of what a human would.[1]


Verdant princes would set themselves as rulers over other fey and plant creatures, using them as servants in their schemes to ensnare travelers, but also a servants and spies. Although cruel, they would make an effort to appear forgiving and magnanimous to their subjects. Nymphs, dryads, and satyrs were all known to fall under the sway of verdant princes.[1]

Notable Verdant PrincesEdit

Witchthorn, the ruler of the Kryptgarden Forest, was a verdant prince.[1]



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