Veridon was a Netherese man and an arcanist. He was the ruler of the enclave of Lathery.[1]


Veridon elevated the city of Lathery to enclave status in 3357 NY (−502 DR).

Lathery fished the Narrow Sea by using its mythallar to teleport fish (and anything else) that passed under the enclave into special cold storage chambers. By 3400 NY (−459 DR), Veridon had improved upon Lathery's fishing mythallar such that it could distinguish between certain creatures and send some to different holding tanks.[1] In 3415 NY (−444 DR), Veridon developed the spell Veridon's storm,[3] which was then used to refrigerate the storage chambers.

In 3426 NY (−433 DR), the ancient white dragon Wintercloak flew under the city and found itself teleported into one of the cold storage chambers. It tore itself free and broke out into the city streets, but was confronted by Veridon and the city's arcanists. Veridon and a dozen others were killed by the dragon's icy breath, before it was slain by the survivors.[1]


Veridon was a mage who developed a number of spells based around cold and fog. These spells, their modern names, and years they were introduced were:


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