Vestress was a rogue illithid serving as the Regent of Ascarle in 1361 DR.[1]


Vestress dressed elegantly, with amethyst rings, lavender robes, and a silver circlet on her head. Despite illithids being very androgynous, Vestress had a feminine mental voice and moved with the regality of a queen. Her greatest hobby was weaving, and she could capture a person's soul and weave it into a tapestry, which she did to a number of sea elves.[1]


Vestress was part of the Kraken Society. She had an army with a core of 100 merrow under her command.[1]


Vestress was a mind flayer living in Gauntlgrym in 1278 DR when agents of the Kraken Society discovered the dwarven city and the illithid community living there. While trying to loot the city, they damaged the elder brain and escaped with Vestress as a captive. The Society later managed to brainwash Vestress into working for them.[2]

In 1361 DR, Vestress served as the nominal Regent of Ascarle, claiming to rule on behalf of a kraken.[1] Vestress was a rogue illithid who had taken the city from the hands of a drow banshee, whom she banished to Inthar on Ruathym via a portal.[3] She desired to conquer Ruathym, but the banshee made that impossible, so she plotted to have the banshee destroyed by Liriel Baenre. Under the Kraken Society, she also allied with Rethnor of Luskan and Shakti Hunzrin as part of a plot to turn the Lords' Alliance and Waterdeep into war with Ruathym. However, all of these plans were discovered by Liriel, who led an assault on the city, deposed Vestress, and released the illithid's captives.[4]


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