Vhaemas the Bastard was a renegade merfolk king during the Twelfth Serôs War.[1]


Vhaemas was born in 1320 DR to King Vhaemas and a merwoman of the outcast Kamaar clan. Abandoned by his father, he came to hate him.[1]

In Thuridru, he married twice, producing five children ready to fight against those merfolk who banished them.

At the start of the Twelfth Serôs War, Vhaemas the Bastard allied with Iakhovas in order to conquer the ixitxachitl of the Xedran Reefs. However, Iakhovas attacked Eadraal and Vhaemas the Bastard was forced to meet King Vhaemas in battle. However, the two merfolk reconciled and attacked Iakhovas together, also helped by Princess Jian. They managed to destroy Iakhovas's trident but the monster killed the two younger merfolk and injured king Vhaemas.[1]


Vhaemas was always filled with hate. He grew into an angry and bitter individual.[1]



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