Vhaidra Uoswiir was a drow monk.[1]


Vhaidra was the first in line in the noble Uoswiir household. However, she was forced to flee Menzoberranzan when much of her family was slaughtered by rival houses.[1]

Since then, she adventured while secretly planning the return of her household and the downfall of those who were responsible for attacking it. To this end, she allied with her half-sister, Ulua, who conducted operations to regroup the Uoswiir household and to eliminate its rivals.[1]

Her motivation for traveling to Baldur's Gate in search of adventure was said to be "power". In doing so, she was pitted against the schemes of Mordoc SeLanmere.[1]


Vhaidra fighting her enemies.

She would also attempt to further the cause of her noble house. Initially, Vhaidra could only divert gold gained through adventuring to funding Ulua's efforts, but later Ulua finally learned the location of the monastery of the Dark Ravens, where assassins were hidden. Vhaidra stormed this monastery and found its archimandrite, Draezen Direhand. He dismissed Ulua on the grounds that she was only of half Uoswiir blood and said that House Uoswiir will die with Vhaidra. After killing Draezen, Vhaidra took the secret scrolls the monastery guarded, allowing her access to greater power.[1]

Once Vhaidra returned to Baldur's Gate, Ulua informed her that she had already sent agents to destroy the monastery, having heard of her success, and that when Vhaidra was ready to take up her place as head of the Uoswiir household she would not stand alone.[1]


Vhaidra was proud, ruthless, and often dismissive of those who were neither an expedient nor a threat to her purposes.[1]

Vhaidra gave little indication that her quest to save Baldur's Gate was out of any degree of concern for its citizens, yet she did have a strict code of conduct by which she operated. She was openly mistrustful and derisive of others, and even told Ulua not to make her regret trusting her. On resolving to thwart Mordoc's final scheme against Baldur's Gate, she added that it couldn't hurt to have the jewel of the Western Heartlands in her debt. Whether this cold and suspicious behavior masked any benevolent instinct is unclear.[1][speculation]


She excelled in both armed and unarmed combat.[1]

Vhaidra possessed the rare ability to be as deadly in unarmed combat as with any of the numerous weapons she could master. Her strict training and self-discipline allowed her to attack with focus and to endure greater physical punishment. Once she had achieved greater experience, she could combine her surgical precision with remarkable speed to make her onslaughts truly devastating. However, she could not use great swords or axes.[1]




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