Vharem Kuthcutter was a friend of Renaer Neverember.[1]


Vharem had an unkempt blond beard.[2]


Vharem was recruited by his friend Renaer Neverember in 1479 DR to investigate the torture of Vajra Safahr, the seventh Blackstaff, in the cellars of Waterdeep. Vharem joined Renaer, Vajra, Laraelra Harsard, and Meloon Wardragon at Varadras, where they nursed Vajra, and was teleported with them to the Pellamcopse.[3] When the group arrived in Waterdeep on Nightal 11, 1479 DR, Vharem died when he threw himself between enemies and Renaer in a successful attempt to save Renaer's life.[1]

Vharem was granted the posthumous honor of being a member of the (unnamed) group of heroes that Renaer decided to form at Roarke House to serve a similar function to that of the Moonstars.[4]


Vharem wielded a short sword, which he borrowed from Neverember Manor.[5]




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