Vheod Runechild was a cambion of the mid–14th century DR.[1]


He had long brick-red hair, scarred hands, and a "living" red mark that was in flux on his body. Vheod called it "the Taint". He wore spiked metal armor, a simple cloth cape, and used a long sword.[2]

It often guided him, though he was never sure to what, or if he interpreted it correctly. All his life, Vheod could find no answers as to its meaning, least of all from the Taint itself.[3]


He was a known companion of Melann Brandish and Whitlock Brandish.


He escaped from the Abyss and arrived in Faerûn in Archendale, where he met his future companions.[4]


Vheod had an inherent ability to levitate, which was the result of his tanar'ri lineage. He also had access to spells he learned from an ancient book, including a way to manipulate and restore the vampiric briars that grew in the Fields of Night Unseen in the Abyss.[5] He was able to conjure flames to create a fire that helped him to survive in the wild.[6]



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