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Vials were small glass containers that were used to hold liquids and powders. They could be used in laboratories to conduct experiments or to transport these substances.[2]


A typical vial could hold up to 4 ounces (110 grams) of liquid. Outside of the laboratory, vials were most commonly used to store and transport acids, antitoxins, perfumes, poisons, and potions.[1]


A variety of vials were available for sale through Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue, along with matching corks and other laboratory glass containers produced in Urmlaspyr by the glass-blowers guild.[2]

Notable Uses[]

  • Vials were essential in laboratories,[2] and were also integral components of herbalism kits and poisoner's kits.[1]
  • Some healer's bags included several ceramic vials for the purpose of having clean water readily available.[4]
  • Travelers typically kept their spices inside of little glass vials, which were encased in whittled wooden 'shielding shells' to guard against breakage.[5]


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