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Viconia DeVir was a drow cleric of Shar who traveled the surface lands during the mid–14th century DR. She was a former member of House DeVir from the subterranean city of Menzoberranzan.[1][3]

"The peace of night ends, and the hectic brightness of the day takes over."
— Viconia


Viconia was very determined - she believed that only those who had the will and strength to succeed should be allowed to do so. She was not at all a proponent of charitable acts.[2]

She could be rather cruel, especially to other elves she encountered.[2]

Viconia was often wistful of her home in the Underdark, and had a particular appreciation for the beauty of the underground sea of Laratrak.[2]


When she lived with the drow Viconia had four different husbands. She killed three of them for mere sport and the fourth because he had a tryst with her sister.[2]


Early Years[]

Viconia was a faithful priestess of Lolth for many years. Some time before the Year of the Singing Skull, 1297 DR,[4] Viconia was asked to ritually kill an infant in the name of Lolth and she refused. A rival killed the child in her stead and House DeVir fell out of favor with the Spider Queen. Sacrifices of wealth and servants were no use; it seemed Lolth only wanted one thing from them: Viconia herself.[1]

Matron DeVir was desperate for Viconia to prostrate herself in front of Lolth, especially after a lesser house failed to destroy them after learning of their newfound weakness, but Viconia refused. She had enough of Lolth's ways and believed that she would somehow still survive with her station intact. Her mother had her taken away to be sacrificed to the Spider Queen but her brother Valas, a powerful wizard, saved her and killed their enraged mother. For his actions, he was turned into a drider by Lolth. Viconia was stripped of her clerical powers and fled to the surface. She found her faith in Shar along the way.[1]

Life in the West[]

Viconia DeVir, during her surface world travels.

After being hunted by a band of elves, and a band of goblins, Viconia was saved by a Calishite caravan. Unfortunately this was done only so she could used as a pleasure slave by its rotund owner. She quickly bent him to her will and bade the caravan go wherever she wished. However, one night, his heart gave out and the guards assumed Viconia had murdered him. She fled and therafter eked out a persecuted existence on the Sword Coast.[2]

As of the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR she was on the run from members of the Flaming Fist in the area of Peldvale.[1]

Later, she bought some land on the outskirts of Beregost, not with the intention of farming it, but simply as a place to stay. She remained hooded at all times, even when conversing with her neighbor and awkward friend Roran Midfallow.[2]

By the time she finally decided to remove her hood and reveal her heritage, it was too late; Roran had already worked out that she was drow and concocted a plan of his own. He and his sons tortured her before burying her alive in a coffin. She escaped, killed Roran and his sons, then burned down his farmhouse before fleeing south to Amn.[2]

By Uktar of that year Viconia had begun traveling with the dwarf Pfaug. When the Council of Four sought out able bodies to fight for the Coalition, their group decided to heed the call.[3]

After the fall of the Shining Crusade Viconia had a few nasty run-ins on her way to Athkatla. By the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, her drow heritage was recognized by a group of Amnian citizens who followed the god Beshaba. They bound Viconia, tied her to a stake in one of the city's open squares and sought to burn her alive. She was able to escape her bondage and live yet another day.[2]

By this time yochlols had been dispatched by Lolth to assassinate the outcast Viconia.[2]

Rumors & Legends[]

In the late 15th century DR, Vizeran DeVir reported hearing tales of Viconia's continued survival after their house's destruction, as well as of her involvement in ending the Bhaalspawn threat.[5]




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