Vidrinath, or Lullaby, was a sword belonging to Tiago Baenre.[1] Drizzt Do'Urden later obtained it from Yvonnel Baenre II as the victor's spoils after defeating and killing Tiago in a fight to the death in Menzoberranzan prior to his return to the surface.[citation needed]


Like Orbbcress, the sword was made of translucent glassteel imbued with diamonds.[2] The hilt was a black metal formed like a spider web. Its pommel looked like a spider's head, with two dull emeralds for its eyes.[1]

It was later merged with Drizzt's Twinkle by Catti-brie on the Great Forge in Gauntlgrym, creating a new powerful blade.[3]


The sword was imbued with magic by a djinni. It could defeat some magical energy.[1] It was also imbued with drow sleeping poison.[4][5] Its sharpness, balance, and edge were noted to be superior to both Charon's Claw and Khazid'Hea, likely two of the most powerfully enchanted swords Drizzt had ever encountered.[citation needed]


The legendary weaponsmith Gol'fanin forged Vidrinath in Gauntlgrym for Tiago Baenre in 1463 DR.[1]



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