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The Vilebog was an expansive, perilous stretch of wetlands found atop the earthmote known as Pirates' Skyhold, that soared in the skies over the Sword Coast North during the 15th century DR.[2]


The fetid swamp was considered nearly inhospitable due to the filth and disease that poisoned its waters. Swarms of insects proved to be more than an annoyance to anyone that attempted to traverse its foul terrain.[2]

At some point in its history, a series of rickety wooden bridges were set up to allow easier crossing of the bog's waterways, though these had degraded and fallen apart over time.[2]


The fetid waters of the Vilebog.

The swamp was located on the western stretch of the earthmote, a bit ways west of Skull Fortress.[2]

Geographical Features[]

Not all the natural life found within Vilebog was harmful or toxic. Some rare medicinal herbs could be found by someone looking closely enough.[2]


Vilebog had not always been corrupted by foulness and dark magic. The local waters once ran clear, providing a natural source of refreshing drinking water to those that dwelled within Skull Fortress. The evil black dragon Garrundar the Vile poisoned the waters in order to kill the pirates that sought refuge within the fort. His scheme succeeded and eventually each of the souls within arose as an undead servitor that would protect their final home for all time.[2]

In the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, the mercenaries of Company Yargo led their flagship vessel the Buccaneer's Tear up to Pirates' Skyhold in order to recover some of the lost skyships that littered its abandoned docks. The company's brave scouts dared to travel through the Vilebog, coming across the wreckage of the Magister's Hope along their journey.[2]

Notable Locations[]


The most noteworthy inhabitants were the tribe of both greenscale and blackscale lizardfolk, all of which had come to venerate the black dragon Garrundar. They managed to survive the swamp's horrid conditions by developing means to distill its putrid waters into a drinkable form.[2]

Notable Inhabitants[]

  • Scalefather, an influential shaman that emerged as the leader of the local tribe of folk.[2]
  • Glipp Inkwell, a scholar that lived in isolation in the swamp, after being estranged from his expedition.[2]



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