Villains' Lorebook is a Forgotten Realms accessory published in 1998 by TSR, Inc, the companion book to Heroes' Lorebook.

Evil takes many forms in the land of Faerûn. This book brings all of them out of the darkness and into the light.

These are the characters who have tested the mettle of the foremost heroes of the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign world. They spread chaos and death wherever they venture, ruining whatever they touch. And they're coming to your campaign!

Inside this companion volume to Heroes' Lorebook, you'll find complete game statistics and descriptions for a host of dastardly rogues, most of whom have never been described in a game accessory before, including:

This "Who's Who" of the evildoers of the Realms is a valuable addition to any campaign.

Index[edit | edit source]

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Characters[edit | edit source]

Aballister BonaduceAhmaergoAlzegund the TraderArathluthArtemis EntreriAsbarodeAsdagAshemmiCassanaAvaereeneCasildar of XvimColstan RhuulLord Cutter of IriaeborCyndreDeirdre KendrickDendybar the MottledDruxus Rhym, Zulkir of AlterationElaith "the Serpent" CraulnoberEmmergluthErrtuBaron Faneuil HardistyFlattery WyvernspurFzoul ChembrylGhostGromph BaenreHalaster BlackcloakHobarthIldryn ThallinInselm HhuneIthboltarItlurJalynfeinJander SunstarJarlaxleKaverin EbonhandKazgarothKierkan RufoKymil NimesinLauzoril, Zulkir of Charm/EnchantmentLucia ThioneMairheMalice Do'UrdenMaligor, Zulkir of AlterationKing Manferic IIIManshoonManxamMarsh BelwintleMiraunMistinarperadnacles Hai DracoThe Mouth of MoanderMythrell'aa, Zulkir of IllusionNeldryn HawklynNevron, Zulkir of Conjuration/SummoningLord Orgauth of Zhentil KeepOrglymOtt SteeltoesThe PereghostRandulaithSahbonnSarthSememmonThe ShadowsilShindia DarkeyesSlan ThurbelSlarkrethelSlink MonteskorSzass Tam, Zulkir of NecromancyTaluthThagdalTharchion Aznar Thrul, Zulkir of Invocation/EvocationTyranthraxusUbriien OrlynUndarlVictor DhostarVreesarYaphyll, Zulkir of DivinationYvonnel BaenreZaknafein Do'UrdenZrie Prakis

Creatures[edit | edit source]

asabisbalhiirchosen onedarkenbeastdread warriorice spire ogrekalmariBlood WarriorsphaerimmpteramenshadevariShadowmastersyochlol

Organizations[edit | edit source]

Cult of the DragonKnights of the ShieldKraken SocietyMagelords of AthlantarNight ParadeRed Wizards of ThayXanathar Thieves' GuildZhentarim

Magic[edit | edit source]

Magic items
battle gorgetbone maskDeath Moon Orbebon lashflying daggergargoyle cloakHalaster's teleport ringHeart of Kazgarothhorned ringring of anti-venomring of arachnid controlring of dragonsrobe of the archmage of Menzoberranzanrobe of Rukhyonspider maskspider wandThakorsil's Seatvampiric daggerwand of acidic sphereswand of viscid globswand of whipswhip of fangs
acid rainanimal dread warriorattractionbattletideBeltyn's burning bloodcirclecreate chosen onecreate darkenbeastcreate enchanted tattoodazzledecayDetho's deliriumdisfigurefiendformfire lanceflensingHalaster's grappling handhandfanghowling horrorimbue undead with spell abilityknow schoollifedrainmace of Xvimmage tunnelmissile masterymoonveilnegate magical weaponNybor's gentle reminderNybor's joyful voyageNybor's mild admonishmentNybor's stern reproofNybor's wrathful castigationpreservationproof from teleportationprotection from poisonray of Ondovirreaving bladesrising rotresist energy drainroots of the assassinseed of MoanderThe Simbul's synostodweomerspeed rotspell-lashspider summoningspirit trap of the Darkbringerstasis clonetentacle of witheringtransporttrap spellbookunlifewaves of wearinessweb of shadowswoundXult's magical doomzin-carla

Appendix[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The Realm year can be estimated as approximately the first half of 1369 DR by the description of the fall of Zhentil Keep, (which took place at the very end of 1368 DR,) and its aftermath, in particular, the rise of Orgauth as Ruler of the Keep. Also, on page 124, this sourcebook mentions Fzoul Chembryl embracing the worship of Iyachtu Xvim in the aftermath of the Fall of Zhentil Keep.

Reference[edit | edit source]

  1. Dale Donovan (July 1998). Villains' Lorebook. (TSR, Inc), p. 51. ISBN 0-7869-1236-7.
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