Vintor was a county on the western coast of Tethyr famous for its wines.[1]


Vintor was one of the counties of the Purple Marches. It lay west of counties Elemetar and Bardshyr on the other side of the Red River and south of the duchy of Kamlann on the other side of the Sulduskoon River.[3]

A large portion of the county was a region called the Purple Hills, a land known for its cider, pipeweed, and wine.[1]

Its two largest settlements were Barrowsmorn and Vineshade.[1]


County Vintor included a high percentage of halflings among its populace, since they admired the hilly landscape of the region.[1]


In 1370 DR, Vintor was governed by Count Krimmon Amethystall, who was also the Fleet Chancellor of Tethyr. The official county seat was Amethyst Hall.[1]




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