Vipergout was an arcane conjuration spell that gave the caster the ability to spit out snakes.[2][1]


Vipergout did two things. First, it gave the caster the ability to spit out[2] a total of four to seven snakes. How long the caster could maintain this ability depended on the caster's skill. The caster could spit out one or three snakes at once, the latter only if the caster took some time to do so.[1] Second, the spell gave the caster complete control over the snakes[2] as if they had been summoned with a summon monster spell.[1] The snakes could be commanded to do anything from moving small objects to fighting to the death. The only exceptions to this rule were attacking the caster, attacking another summoned snake, and attacking itself. This bond between snakes and caster was virtually unbreakable—nothing except killing one side of the bond could destroy it. Even means like dispel magic were useless in this regard.[2]

The caster spat out the snakes without harm to him or herself, but it prevented the caster from speaking, and therefore, from using spells with verbal components or verbally triggered magic items. Other than speaking, the spell prevented no actions.[2] The snakes did not actually appear in the mouth but they seemed like they did so.[1]

The summoned snakes were either capable of a poisonous bite or were of the constrictor variety, but otherwise unremarkable, including their medium size.[2] However, they were considered either celestial or fiendish creatures.[1]


Casting vipergout required somatic and verbal components, plus a piece of snake skin as a material component.[2][1]


This spell was originally associated solely with the scalykind,[3] but by the 14th century DR, the drow had mastered it also.[2]



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