Viperstongue Ford was a ford where the Cross Road, between Thindilar and Blanaer, went over the River Vesper in the Vast.[1][2] It coincided with the valley of Viperstongue, a low saddle in the Troll Mountains that served as a major pass through the range.[1][3] [note 1]


Viperstongue Ford was a strategic location, making it the site of several battles. No buildings or settlements survived there very long.[1]

When Deep King Tuir Stonebeard of Roldilar led the dwarven armies against those of orcs and goblins in the Year of the Bloody Crown, 649 DR, they were defeated at Viperstongue Ford. Roldilar's defenses were broken, and the dwarves retreated to Mount Grimmerfang.[1][4]

The Roldilarren dwarves were saved from total extinction by their human and elven allies.[5] The elven warrior Beluar and his forces routed the orcs at Viperstongue Ford, then pursued them through the hills later known as Beluar's Hunt and into the village of Maskyr's Eye to slay the last orc.[6][2]


By 1370 DR, The Stag and Viper inn stood at the ford. It was once the base of the Mistdown Marauders, who were later buried amongst some trees north-east of the ford.[7]



  1. This valley was only named in the Rand's Travelogue series, so all prior references to "Viperstongue" may be assumed to take place at the ford rather than in the valley.