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Vishap were flightless dragons that lived in Zakhara. Compared to other dragons they were cowardly, choosing to prey on the weak. Stealth and deceit were their chosen methods of attack.[1]

Despite being large creatures, vishap were surprisingly athletic, being able to run, jump and climb with graceful agility. Vishap scales provided natural camouflage with their surroundings.[1]

Vishap were especially aware of their surroundings and could even detect nearby invisible creatures. These dragons did not have a breath weapon and they could not cast spells, nor did they exude dragon fear.[1]


Most vishap were an average of 25 feet (7.6 meters) in length, but could grow to over 174 feet (53 meters).[1]


A vishap studied potential opponents for days at a time before engaging in combat. After this time the vishap would approach weak targets to speak and then attack when in range. Victims who flattered a vishap were sometimes spared if they yielded all treasure or served as slaves. Aggressive targets were left alone until they could be ambushed.[1]

During physical combat, a vishap could attack with its teeth, claws and tail. All vishap were immune to enchantment or charm spells and they gained the following spell-like abilities as they aged: sleep, invisibility, suggestion, charm monster, undetectable lie.[1]


Vishap chose shallow, open caves that provided them with an excellent view of all angles of approach. One secret escape plan was always allowed for.[1]


These creatures were carnivores, though they would consume carrion or even plants if their survival demanded it. Human and demihuman flesh was their favorite kind of meat. Occasionally a group of vishap would work together to enslave an entire village.[1]


In Zakharan art, the vishap could signify danger or evil magic.[2]

Several locations in Zakhara were named after the vishap, such as the Vishap's Teeth in the High Desert[3] and the Vishap's Spine mountain range on Sahu.[4]

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