Vision of heaven was a simple divine enchantment spell that granted a subject a tiny glimpse of the joy of the Seven Heavens.[1] The spell was common among clerics following the goddess Lliira[2][3] or who had dedicated themselves to the ideals of the celestial paragons Domiel or Pistis Sophia.[2][4] Mystra also might grant this spell to those who had been blessed by one of the Seven Sisters.[5]


Upon hearing the words of the caster, one evil subject within a short range would see a short vision of joyous Mount Celestia and would be overcome by a temporary sense of regret at her or his own deeds. So strong were such feelings that the weak-willed would be dazed for several seconds. While the dazing effect was brief, for the next day, he or she was more susceptible to repentance and redemption.[1]


Vision of heaven required only verbal components.[1]