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Vithal was a mage, who had been magically imprisoned in the Underdark.[1]


Vithal set out to the Underdark, searching for valuable magic. He noted that spells in a specific spot, may breach the walls between dimensions and reveal a hidden trove. Whilst on his mission, his spellbook was taken. Vithal noted that svirfneblin onlookers may have taken it.[1]

The mage believed that he was forever going to be trapped under the surface. He was unsure why he was trapped, but suggested that this was due to his lack of custom in such an unfamiliar area.[1]


A duergar named Uder Mordin had heard that a surface-dwelling mage had became imprisoned north of their trading camp. It was rumored that he was freed by Gorion's Ward, and was very thankful. After this, he sent the ward and his party on a quest to find his spellbook from a local svirfneblin village. The mage then set off to defeat three guardians (greater elementals), which he had to lure from their plane of existence and kill. Vithal managed to make it to the "other side" of the portal gates, to the Plane of Earth, Fire and Air. He retrieved a powerful enchanted helmet, spells and a magical rod.[1]



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