Vizeran DeVir was an exiled drow archmage during the late 15th century DR.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

A scion of House DeVir, Vizeran studied the arcane arts at the same time as Gromph Baenre. Gromph discovered Vizeran's true devotion to the Elder Elemental Eye and engineered his disgrace and exile as an unbeliever of Lolth. Ironically, this spared Vizeran from the downfall of House DeVir at the hands of House Do'Urden.

In his exile, he became a great archmage, building his tower of Araj and plotting his revenge.[1] Centuries before the late 15th century DR, Vizeran DeVir crafted the weapons Ironfang, Drown, Windvane, and Tinderstrike for the Elemental Evil cults in the Fane of the Eye of Tyar-Besil.[2]

From afar, Vizeran acted as the shadowy patron of the Council of Spiders and from their number he gained the assistance of Grin Ousstyl.[4]

During the Rage of Demons, Vizeran correctly deduced what had truly happened: Lolth had manipulated Gromph as a pawn to unleash the demon lords throughout the Underdark in order to gain absolute power in the Abyss. The demon lords in the Realms used faerzress to spread their madness. Vizeran devised a plan to send the demon lords back.[5]

Therefore, at Gravenhollow, he approached an expedition led by some adventurers, hired by Bruenor Battlehammer to investigate the threat of the demon lords, offering his help.[6]

In truth, his plot aimed to gather all the demon lords back at their original place of summoning—Menzoberranzan itself—before they were sent back to the Abyss.[7]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Vizeran's main objective was revenge against both Gromph and Lolth, the first for what he did to him, and the second for the dominion she maintained over all drow.[7] His plans and goals were entirely self serving and he would sacrifice anyone without hesitation to further his schemes.[1]

Relationship[edit | edit source]

Vizeran interacted only with two beings: his death slaad Kleve and his apprentice Grin Ousstyl, but he did not trust them.[4]

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Out of the Abyss
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Neverwinter (The Maze Engine)

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