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Vizier devils were advisor devils that acted as the infernal ambassadors of the Nine Hells and guided important leaders to damnation through their counsel.[1]


Vizier devils were practically indistinguishable from tieflings.[1]


Vizier devils were braver and bolder than imps, as well as more politically savvy. The amoral masterminds might ally with any being, but while at first their honeyed words seemed a boon to those they supposedly served, the insightful fiends were experts at finding solutions that seemed virtuous before eventually falling into depravity and vice.[1]


Vizier devils were resistant to fire and could both shoot it in bolts at their targets (making them more vulnerable to future attacks) or temporarily empower their allies with flaming weapons. They were also capable of short-range teleportation and temporarily controlling those near them.[1]


Vizier devils avoided direct combat, instead manipulating the battlefield to the advantage of their allies from a defensible position. Such was their ability as advisors that even in the heat of battle they could provide useful instruction. They would pretend to be simple spellcasters for as long as possible, but in dire enough situations they would go on the offensive, at least until they could secure their own survival. Vizier devils were creatures of contingencies, and so always had at least one backup plan, escape route, or means of calling for reinforcements.[1]


Vizier devils were rarely found in Hell, as their role as emissaries saw them infiltrate governments across the mortal plane. They advanced their influence in all sorts of locales, from orc tribes to human baronies and elven enclaves, worming their way into many halls of power. They became advisors to royalty both initiated and inexperienced, leading inspirational figures to do the will of the Nine Hells. Regardless of what they might say, a vizier devil's primary objective was, as to be expected, to corrupt and damn mortal souls, and their true allegiance belonged to some power of the Nine Hells, usually a diabolical mastermind such as a paeliryon.[1]

Rumors and Legends[]

It was rumored that promotion into a vizier devil was used as a reward for the contributions of certain humans in the corruption of an empire.[1]






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