Voaphangh was a human House that was one of the twenty Houses that formed the Onsruur (the council of lords) that governed Khôltar, the Iron City, in south Faerûn, circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1][2]


This family did not have any significant physical traits that distinguished their bloodline, but they stood out by being self-controlled and sophisticated, masterfully playing their role as suave socialites. The Voaphangh were focused on becoming "first among equals" or even superior to all the other Onsruur Houses and pursued this goal with ruthless energy.[1][2]


The Voaphangh had tentacles in every type of Iron City business, but their emphasis waxed and waned in mercurial fashion. The family's influence spread far beyond the walls of Khôltar to the city-states of the Vilhon Reach and Chessenta, and the various factions in Sembia, covertly supporting many ambitious claims to power in the hopes that some would seize control and then be indebted to their Khôltan backers.[1][2]


The Voaphangh House was a strong ally of the Yulzaunt House, but hated and feared by all the other Onsruur families. Their most acrimonious rival was the Pelardh clan.[1][2]



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