A vodyanoi (pronounced: /ˈvdjɑːnɔɪVOD-ya-noy[4] or: /ˈvɑːdjɑːnɔɪVAD-ya-noy[4]) was a close relative of an umber hulk that dwelt in deep bodies of fresh water.[3]


These strong creatures looked similar to umber hulks, but had slimy green skin and webbed claws. Vodyanoi did not have the gaze attack of the umber hulk, but could swim.[3]


They attacked with their large and powerful claws, as well as their mandibles. Vodyanoi could summon up to a score of electric eels to assist them in combat.[3]


Vodyanoi were very territorial, attacking both creatures, as well as vessels, that crossed through their lands.[3]


They were known to inhabit the fresh-water lakes in Chessenta,[2]. In the Sea of Fallen Stars they were known to inhabit the abyssal plains of Serôs as well as the town of Lyrathil.[5]



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