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Voghiln the Vast was a human skald who fought against the Shining Crusade in the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR.[1]

"They don't call me Voghiln "the Vast" for nothing. Just look at these arms! Look at them!"
— Voghiln


Voghiln was a man of two great passions: alcohol and women, both of which he pursued relentlessly. For all his bluster, Voghiln's amorous advances were rarely returned, and any romantic entanglements were casual, short-lived affairs. He secretly longed for a meaningful relationship.[1]

He suffered from tremendous guilt after becoming the sole survivor of his original adventuring band. He tried to drown his sorrows in drink, and would always consume nine drinks every night, to honor the memory of each member, even after forgetting their names.[1]


Voghiln owned a magical helmet fashioned in part from mithral. He occasionally used it as a secondary weapon, hitting enemies with headbutts between weapon strikes.[1]


On one occasion Voghiln was part of a caravan traveling from the Ten Towns to Luskan. When the group made camp one night they were attacked by a group of yetis. According to his own recount, Voghiln lost his axe and was forced to tear the arm of a yeti to use as weapon. He then fought off bands of bandits and even more yetis while single-handedly pulling the wagons down to Luskan himself.[2]

For over a year, Voghiln was part of an adventuring company consisting of himself, the sisters Audria and Ulvana, the elf Ondiasi, the Vaasan Wicuf, the wizard Zerihyda, the bard Evald, and the brothers Conal, Donal, and Taig. They traveled the north of Faerûn extensively, visiting locations like Vaasa and the Great Glacier.[1]

However, all his companions were lost in one fateful battle. Consumed with guilt, Voghiln traveled south, attempting to forget his painful loss by overindulging in drink and female company.[1]

At some point during the War of the Shining Crusade, Voghlin began traveling with the druid Jaheira, who was searching for a way into Bridgefort.[1]



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Baldur's Gate series (The Black Pits II – Gladiators of ThaySiege of Dragonspear)

Behind the Scenes[]

In Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, Voghiln is voiced by Mark Meer.

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