A voice of thunder is a variety of bard trained to enhance their voice with arcane magic through ancient traditions. To the properly trained voice of thunder, the sound of their voice is a weapon in of itself, a source of power that can harm and heal alike. From the sound of music to the rumbling roll of thunder, a voice of thunder's vocal range is impressive and filled with deadly power, with even its echoes full of supernatural qualities.[1]


Voice of thunders do not come from any one tradition or culture and each race interprets the way of a voice of thunder slightly differently. While an eladrin voice of thunder might evoke seasonal themes in their magic, dwarves or goliaths might instead rumble with the power of stone. Other examples include drow, who often use harsh yet beautiful music for their magic or tieflings, who use the abilities of a voice of thunder to enhance their already commanding voices.[1]

Regardless, all voices of thunders share similar threads that can be found throughout many bardic traditions. A voice of thunder, rather than focusing on magic, focus instead on their voice, turning it into a deadly weapon and fine tuning it as the situation requires. Precisely what sound the voice of thunder evokes, be it of thunderstorms or crashing waves, is unimportant. The effects remain the same.[1]


Voices of thunder focus their training and magic on enhancing their voice, transforming it into a versatile tool that can be used for healing or injury. The most basic enhancement voices of thunder acquire is the ability to expand their attacks' area of effect. Another early acquired ability is for voices of thunder to call back unconscious or dying allies through the power of their voice. With additional training, voices of thunder can also enhance the lethality of spells that rely on sonic energy.[1]

Voice of thunder spells are echoing, rumbling cacophonies that roll out from the voice of thunder in waves. Rolling echo is the most basic of these spells, using the sheer force of the noise created from the spell to force back foes. Song of thunder, the most advanced spell, is similar, in that it knocks down nearby foes while enhancing the abilities of allies.[1]


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