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Volcanic dragons were a species of dragon that turned their backs on the gods and became infused with elemental fire.[2]


Volcanic dragons were known to be very ambitious, cruel, foul-tempered, and malevolent. They had one-track minds and a lust for devastation. They were also mistrustful due to the believing that their species' creation involved betrayal.[2] They rarely talked to their enemies, only doing so if they offered greater opportunities for power or destruction. They were also reluctant to abandon a battle if doing so would make them appear weak.[1]


These dragons emitted an aura of noxious fumes and toxic gases that were highly flammable. As they grew older a volcanic dragon learned to expand this aura at will and make even their fumes unbearably hot.[1]

A swipe of their claws could cause any magic-derived resistances to fire to be temporarily suppressed.[1]

Finally, volcanic dragons could cause volcanic vents to erupt from the ground. Those of an ancient age could even cause massive fiery fissures to emerge.[1]


Though they were fast fliers, volcanic dragons preferred to fight on solid ground. Fighting with their claws, flaming jaws, and special abilities. If present, they would focus their attention on other dragons and dragonborns. Otherwise, they simply tried to sow as much chaos and destruction across the battlefield as possible. Forcing enemies to maneuver themselves around the fissures and small volcanos that they created.[1]


Following Io's death at the hands of Erek-Hus during the Dawn War,[3] one group of dragons came to the conclusion that Io was weak and they, having been made in his image, were weak as well and this made them overwhelmed with rage.[2] Viewing his successors Bahamut and Tiamat as weak and selfish, they instead turned to the Primordials for power.[4]

It was a Primordial known as Vezzuvu who answered their calls. He told the dragons that their weak fleshy forms could be cleansed and born anew with more powerful bodies if they bathed in the white-hot lava of his domain. The dragons heeded his words, many dying in the process. Those that survived arose as volcanic dragons and for a time they were satisfied. But soon many began thinking that the power they received rom Vezzuvu was not on par with what they were promised. So for a time they raged against both the deities and Vezzuvu.[2]

In 1479 DR,[5] some volcanic dragons could be found inhabiting Mount Hotenow.[6]



These creatures could typically be found inhabiting volcanos or the Elemental Chaos.[2]


Volcanic dragons typically spoke Common, Draconic, and Primordial.[1]


All deities and primordials viewed volcanic dragons as mere mercenaries and weapons, albeit ones that required great caution to use.[2]

Volcanic dragons typically allied themselves with elemental creatures and those that harbored hatred of the Prime Material plane. Their most frequent allies included demons, efreeti, fire archons, fire giants, fire titans, and salamanders. They were also willing to ally with non-elemental creatures, though only if they could offer them power in exchange for their services.[2]

Notable Volcanic Dragons[]

  • At some point Baba Yaga took an adult volcanic dragon from the Elemental Chaos and brought it to live inside of her dancing hut. In its Hall of Gateways the volcanic dragon acted as the guardian of a portal called the Planar Gate, which linked to the Abyss, the Elemental Chaos, the Astral Sea, and various astral dominions.[7]



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