Volo's Guide to All Things Magical was a vellum[3] pamphlet written by Volothamp Geddarm in late 1359 DR[1][2] and published by Tym Waterdeep Limited.[2]


The guide was full of long-forgotten spells[4] and a grab bag full of odds and ends about magic.[3]



Several powerful mages, including Elminster,[3] would have preferred the spells and secrets in the guide to remain unknown to the general public.[4] All copies were hunted down and destroyed.[3]


In 1367 DR, a second pamphlet of the same name was released.[3] This version, now named Volo's Guide to all Things Magical, the Revised, Authorized & Expanded Edition,[2] was extensively rewritten and edited by Elminster.[3] A copy of the original publication and Elminster's authorized edition were in the holdings of the library at Candlekeep.[5]



  1. The Candlekeep Collection web article states that it was first published "c. 1356".


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