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You hold in your hands an amusing and insightful guide to Waterdeep - the metropolis of the North, the City of Splendors. This handy pouch-sized tome presents Volo's choice of the finest, most spectacular, and least known (but most desired) information about the people, customs, and locations in Waterdeep - ranked with a handy coin, dagger, pipe, and tankard ratings system.


  • What it's like to attend a private party hosted by Waterdhavian nobles,
  • Where Waterdeep's ghosts walk,
  • Legends and clues about famous, as-yet-unrecovered treasures,
  • What fare a typical Waterdhavian menu offers you,
  • The best moon-kissed spots to meet Waterdhavians of the opposite sex,
  • Waterdeep's best shops and craftsmen,
  • The best places to dine, stay, see -- and, of course, avoid!
Special note: This edition of Volo's Guide to Waterdeep, intended for travelers from beyond the borders of Faerûn, contains notes and commentary by the famous archmage and sage Elminster."


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Amaratha RuendarrBlazidon "One-Eye"Felzoun TharHilmerIlmairen ArnskullJaerloon BucklebarJathaliira ThindrelJannaxil SerpentilLoeneMasked MinstrelMhair SzeltuneNarthindlarOrlpiir HammerstarShyrrhrTathlornVolothamp GeddarmXandos WaeverymYaereene Ilbaereth
Clan ArnskullClan BucklebarClan HammerstarClan TharCity Watch
Walking Statue of WaterdeepMoon Sphere
Palace of WaterdeepMount WaterdeepAhghairon's TowerThe MarketField of TriumphDragon TowerBlue AlleyCity of the Dead
House of the MoonHouse of WonderPlinth
Businesses & Shops
Aurora's Whole Realms Shop Catalogue CounterBalthorr's Rare and Wonderous TreasuresBelmonder's MeatsGelfuril the TraderThe Golden KeyHalambar Lutes & HarpsHalazar's Pine GemsHalls of HilmerHelmstar WarehouseHriiat Fine PastriesMaerados Fine FursOld Monster ShopOld Xoblob ShopNueth's Fine NetsOlmhazan's JewelsOrsabba's Fine ImportsPhalantar's Philtres & ComponentsPlauvir's CounterRed Sails WarehouseRiautar's WeaponryRiven Shield ShopRouse of PrideSaern's Fine SwordsSelchoun's Sundries ShopSerpent Books & FoliosSulmest's Splendid Shoes & BootsTehntavva's Boots
Citadel of the ArrowCobblers' & Corvisers' HouseCostumers' HallGolden Horn Gambling HouseGuild of Chandlers & LamplightersGuild PaddockHouse of CleanlinessHouse of CrystalHouse of HealingHouse of SongHouse of TextilesOffice of the League of Basketmakers & WickerworkersOld GuildhallStationers' HallWheelwrights' GuildZoarstar
Bloody FistBlue JackBlue MermaidBlushing MermaidBowels of the EarthCrawling SpiderDragon's HeadElfstone TavernFelzoun's FollyFiery FlagonFriendly FlounderFull CupGrinning LionGounar's TavernHanged ManMaiden's TearsMisty BeardRed GauntletRed OwlSailors' OwnShip's WheelSinging SwordSleeping SnakeSleeping WenchSleepy SylphSpouting FishSword's RestThirsty SailorThirsty Throat
Blackstar InnCliffwatchDacer's InnGalloping MinotaurGentle RestGondalim'sGrey SerpentHouse of Good SpiritsInn of the Dripping DaggerJade JugMaerghoun's InnPampered TravelerPilgrims' RestRaging LionShip's ProwRearing HippocampusSplintered StairShipmasters' HallUnicorn's HornWandering WemicWarm Beds
Festhalls, Nightclubs, & Gambling Houses
Copper CupGentle MermaidHanging LanternHouse of Purple SilksJade DancerMermaid's ArmsMother Tathlorn's House of Pleasure and HealingPurple PalaceSmiling Siren Nightclub & TheaterThree Pearls Nightclub
Hawkwinter HouseHigh House of RoaringhornHouse of LeoneHouse of ShyrrhrKappiyan Flurmastyr's HouseSnookery
Street of the Singing Dolphin
Asmagh's AlleyBuckle AlleyCat AlleyCat's TailDuir's AlleyElsambul's LaneHowling Cat CourtJesters' CourtLemontree AlleyLhoril's AlleyThe ProwlThe ReachSevenlamps CutShadows AlleyTurnback CourtZeldan's Alley


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