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Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast is a sourcebook for the Forgotten Realms using the 2nd-edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset.

This book is the third in the celebrated series of travel guides by Volothamp Geddarm. This book details settlements and attractions large and small, up and down the sword coast. It is written in Volo's trademark colorful and (unintentionally) humorous style.

Although this sourcebook was published under 2nd Edition AD&D rules it is still popular, as its content is more descriptive than technical.

Well met, traveler!

Welcome to the latest in the popular series of guidebooks penned by Volothamp Geddarm. You hold in your hands an overview of the most important inns, taverns, shops, and tourist attractions in the western Heartlands, the coast of which is known as the Sword Coast. These lands begin south of fabled Waterdeep and the Savage Frontier, continue up to the northern borders of Amn, and reach east as far as the desert's edge and Tunland. This perilous region sees some of the heaviest caravan traffic in all the Realms. Every merchant who enters the lands of the Sword Coast should have a copy of this guide ready to hand. As usual, all features and establishments covered are ranked with Volo's handy coin, dagger, pipe, and tankard rating system.


  • Where pirates go to drink the night away and plot which ships and ports they'll next strike at,
  • The best craftsfolk of the Sword Coast,
  • Where the best caravan masters can be found - and where they dare not go,
  • Local legends and rumors of rich treasures not yet found and plundered,
  • Haunted ruins and other places that must be seen - from a safe distance,
  • Where mighty wizards and sword-swinging adventurers dwell,
  • Dragon lairs - and the dwelling places of worse monsters!
Special Note: This edition of Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast, intended for travelers from beyond the borders of Faerûn, contains notes and commentary by the famous archmage and sage Elminster.


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Allya MacanesterAlthune DembrarAlyth ElendaraAmaeraszanthaAmelior AmanitasAsgar TellendarAundegul ShawnBarim StagwinterBelkin OrgulBentley MirrorshadeBransuldyn MirrortorBuldath AndrynChansrin AluarDarthleeneDauravyn RedbeardDelfen OndabarlDerval IroneaterEmana GorthoFelogyr SonshalFulbar HardcheeseGellana MirrorshadeGuldin GallowgarHalbazzer DrinIthtyl CalantrynJanthoolJhanadra CaseldownKelddath OrmlyrKorbus BrightjewelKrammoch ArkstaffLarlochLonthalin MintarMyrin SilverspearNantrin BellowglynNethmoun AlnOlbrimsur ThunderwoodPhiraz the NaturalistRagefastRamazith FlamesingerRhessajan AmbermantleShandalarSumbarl ArduskTaerom FuiruimTalessyr TranthTathlosar BrimmerboldThalantyr the ConjurerTheskul MirroreyeUluene MaertalarTraskar SelarnUlmyn AndalorYajandra Dlathaero
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Aulyntar CowlsarBarim StagwinterElminster AumarDurlag TrollkillerHalatathlaerMystraSharndrelSuneSzass TamTalanthe TruesilverTheskul MirroreyeUmberleeVarallaVolothamp GeddarmXonthal


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argosbugbearcrawling clawdracolichdopplegangergriffonhippogriffhobgoblinixitxachitlleucrottalichmindflayermountain giantophidiansheeptanar'ritrollweredragonwill-o'-wispwolfwraithyuan-ti


Council of Guilds (of Daggerford)Cult of the DragonDragoneye Dealing CosterHarpersHeralds of FaerûnThe Knights of Dragon DownLord Knights of the BacklandsLords' AllianceRed Wizards of ThayRiders in Red CloaksSaern's Sharp SwordsStag WarriorsThousandheads Trading CosterTraders' CouncilWagonmasters of the Rolling WheelWildmen of the NorthZhentarim
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Blue Sword LegionChosen of MystraCircle of ScythesClasped HandsDragon DaggersFellowship of the Dreaming DragonFlaming FistFree Traders (of Westgate)Hardbuckler's HurlersThe High Helms (of Trollclaw Ford)Knights of the UnicornMen of Hammer HallMerchants' LeagueThe OpenersProud PegasiRed Shields


Galdaeryn's GageHand of FuryHarvyn's RingTorc of the Titans
wardmistweb of lightning
Referenced only
bead of forceiron bands of Bilarrolightning boltmagic missilerepulsionring of flyingring of misdirectionring of the ramring of regenerationring of resistancering of spell storingring of spell turning


Buildings & Structures
Boareskyr BridgeDarkholdDurlag's TowerSeatower of BalduranStone Eagle LodgeWarlock's CryptWell of DragonsWindstream LodgeZundbridge
Businesses & Shops
A Handful of EyesAlamather's by the WaterAndalor's MillAndher's MillCurios & UniquesBelkin's Black BladeBent BowsCosterheadshouseDawn of Any DayDerval's Bright BladeDroun TradingFarrel's Fine Jewels and ApparelFelogyr's FireworksGive Me Wings to FlyHall of WondersJulkoun's Old MillKnight in the MornKorbus's Jewels and Fine OrnamentsLionstar ServicesOndraer's Fine PagesRolling Wheel WagonsSamborl's Sundries-in-TradeShining River MillSorcerous SundriesTantain's Barrel and CratesThunderhammer SmithyThunderwoof ForaysTorleth's TreasuresTrist's Saddles and StablesUngairmer's BooteryVeloth's Fine Wagons & RepairsWell-Dressed Wizards
Baldur's GateBerduskDaggerfordElturelEvereskaHill's EdgeIriaeborScornubel
Evereska ValeFloshin EstatesForest of WyrmsMarsh of ChelimberReaching Woods
BowshotCorm OrpFriendly ArmGillian's HillKheldrivverLiam's HoldUlgoth's BeardQheldin's Mask
Inns & Taverns
The Bent HelmBlack BoarBlack FlagonBlade and StarsBlushing MermaidThe Board Laid BareThe Broken GobletBurning WizardDancing BearDusty HoofElfsong TavernFar AnchorFlourished FlagonGallowgar's InnHalfway InnHappy CowHullybuck's GambleHungry HalflingHappy HippocampusHelm and CloakThe Holdfast InnThe Jaded UnicornLady Luck TavernThe Old Talking OxA Pair of Black AntlersThe Raging LionRiver Shining TavernThe Running StagThe Scarlet StagThe Seven-Stringed HarpThe Silver BladeStone SaddleStorm GriffinThe Tankard and SheafThe Tarnished TrumpetThe Wailing WaveThe Wandering WyvernWinding WayWorried Wyvern
Mountains & Hills
Castle HillGreycloak HillsHill of Lost SoulsMoondark HillSerpent HillsSkull GorgeSunset MountainsTrielta Hills
BacklandsFields of the DeadHigh MoorSunset ValeSword Coast
Coast WayDusk RoadRed Shields RoadSkuldask RoadStumblepost TrailUldoon Trail
Backlands CastleBlack AbbeyDragonspear CastleSpellgardHammer HallOrogothTrollclaw FordUrdrath of the Horsemen
CandlekeepCry of JoyEvensong TowerFist of the FutureGolden Bowl of the GoddessGrotto of the QueenHarvest HouseHealing House of LathanderHelm's ShieldhallHigh Altar of the MoonHigh Harvest HomeHigh House of WondersHold of Battle LionsHouse of the BinderHouse of the GuardianHouse of the Suffering GodInner ChamberLadyhouseThe Lady's HallMorninglow TowerThe Ready House of the Right Strong HandThe Seat of LoreThe Shrine of the ShortSilent HallThe Song of the MorningThe Temple of WisdomThe Tower of GoldThe Water-Queen's House
Towns & Villages
AsbravnBeregostDrawn SwordsFendarl's GateGullykinHardbucklerHluthvarJulkounLathtarl's LanternRoaringshoreSecomberSerpent's CowlSoubarTempus's TearsTrielXonthal's TowerYarthrain
Referenced only
AthalantarChultCounting HouseEldritch EbonyFallen Giant TombFirewine BridgeFlame StoneHammer of KaerusMazticaSkullportThe Wood of Sharp TeethWaterdeepZazesspur


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