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Voltan Szarlnaxi was a traitorous Tethyrian noble that lived during the 15th century DR.[1]


Voltan was once an influential count in Tethyr until he was found guilty of conspiracy. He was stripped of his lands, his family taken into custody and forced to flee by ship to Baldur's Gate. Within the city, Voltan attracted a small gang of criminals, and together they devoted themselves to the deity Shar.[1]

For a time, Voltan enjoyed his life with the thieves. This continued until adventurers hired by the Tethyrian crown found and killed Voltan, leaving his body where it dropped. Eight of Voltan's most devoted allies prayed to Shar over the still-bleeding corpse of their leader. Using Voltan's blood, the goddess transformed them into vampires. They formed a coven in the name of Voltan Szarlnaxi and preyed upon the poorest Baldurian citizens for some time.[1]

After being routed from the city, the Szarlnaxi coven traveled across the Western Heartlands. They sought some means to free the soul of the man that united them in worship of Shar, the deity that bestowed upon them their undead prowess.[1]