The Vorkani Mountains were a mountain range that arced across the land of Koryo in northeastern Kara-Tur,[3][1] lying at the end of the great Koryo Peninsula.[4] They were also known as the Sillan Mountains.[5][note 1]


The headwaters of the Malu River lay high in the Sillan Mountains.[5]


The Vorkani Mountains defined much of Koryo as a rough mountainous country.[1] The towns of Manchar and Xi lay in or close beside the Vorkani Mountains,[3] and the village of Mu Tong stood near the source of the Malu River.[5] The mountains separated the settlements of T'o na'Chee and Xi from the rest of Koryo.[1] One could view the mountains from Xai Chung.[1]


Circa 1357 DR, the Panthers of Xi ninja controlled the northern mountains between Xi and the Malu River in the east.[6]

Somewhere, high in the mountains, likely near the town of Pan in the west, the yakuza wu jen No Ziar claimed a keep, in which he stored his hidden wealth.[7]

A handsome breed of "birdmen" ruled the tallest peaks of the mountains. They were enigmatic to the folk of Koryo.[2] They were later theorized to be crane hengeyokai, forming a larger-than-normal flock.[8]


The monstrous Krestung lurked in the depths of the Vorkani Mountains. Packs of these creatures raided even the best-guarded caravans, snatching away horses and humans alike.[2]

There were also giant spiders to be found in the mountains.[2]

Rumors and legendsEdit

It was told that the ancient Han people had hidden a great hoard of jade somewhere in the Sillan Mountains.[5]

A Koryoan adventurer once slew a giant spider, and exploring its nest, discovered the skeleton of one of the birdmen. He put it on display in the Nikanii bazaar in Xai Chung, where it could be seen in the mid–14th century DR.[2]



  1. The Sillan Mountains are not located on a map, but are said to hold the headwaters of the Malu River. Maps of Koryo in Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms and The Forgotten Realms Atlas appear to show the Malu emerging from the Vorkani Mountains. Therefore, it is assumed that these are the same mountain range.


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