Vornduir was a powdered drug that was found in Faerûn. When inhaled it provided a variety of effects to the user, ranging from very mild to severe, annoying or even pleasureful.[1]


The drug vornduir was made from a mixture of 'essences' of certain animals and select herbs.[1]


The primary effect of vornduir was a lack of physiological response to the effects of cold, even in extreme cases. Many users felt warm, content, and alert, even in near-freezing rain or snow. While they wouldn't go into shock or suffer lower internal body temperature, it was still possible for them to outright freeze solid in extreme cold.[1]

Some of the side-effects caused were:[1]

  • No effect whatsoever,
  • Mild itching and rashes, and
  • Pain and pleasure stimuli being reversed for an hour (a cut gave pleasure where a tender caress brought agony).[1]



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