Vreesar was an ice devil who tried to conquer Faerûn.[2]


Vreesar was a large, insectoid creature[1] as were all gelugons.[2] He had massive clawed hands and feet, sharp mandibles, compound eyes, and a thick tail with razored spikes.[2]


Vressar could see in the dark, was telepathic, and had several spell-like abilities, such as the ability to magically fly or create a wall of ice. He could regenerate damage and emitted an aura of fear.[2]

If one were struck by Vreesar's tail, he or she would become frozen in place with extreme, magical cold.[2]


In 1366 DR,[2] thanks to a planar rift from the Paraelemental Plane of Ice,[1] Vreesar managed to enter Toril, in the Samek Valley[1] near the Great Glacier north of Damara.[1][2] Soon he took control of the gnoll Burnt Fur tribe[1] after slaying its chieftain and planned to bring more of his fellow baatezu through the rift—preferably ones that could conquer the warmer lands of Faerûn. He hoped Toril would serve as a staging ground in the baatezu's fight against the tanar'ri.[2]

The Harper Martine and the fallen paladin Vilheim, with the help of some gnomes,[1] managed to close the gate by using some magical stones prepared by the wizard Jazrac.[2] When Vreesar tried to reopen it, they confronted him. During the final battle, Vreesar slew Vilheim by shoving an exploding ball of ice into his breastplate,[3] but the outcast gnoll Krote was able to hold open Vreesar's mandibles, while Martine plunged Vilheim's magic sword down the devil's throat, destroying him.[1]




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