Vurgrom the Mighty was an evil pirate in 1359 DR.

History[edit | edit source]

Vurgrom rose through the ranks by killing his captain.[2]

Vurgrom was an able pirate captain but a more able advertiser of himself, always exaggerating his exploits to an audience. In truth, his secret was his ally the enchanter Zensil of Westgate, who charmed small schools of vicious sea-creatures to aid Vurgrom in his raids. He was challenged many times but always was the victor. His main goal was to become the new pirate lord but was opposed by Teldar.[1]

In 1359 DR, Vurgrom was in feud with the master of intrigue Crammar.[1] He was a legend among younger pirates but many feared that Vurgrom secretly might work for Zhentil Keep. His main competitor in 1359 DR, was Gasteban.[2]

In 1359 DR, taking payment from Westgate, Vurgrom led a raid against Teziir.[3]

In 1363 DR, Vurgrom managed to defeat Teldar, becoming the pirate lord.[4]

In 1369 DR, he allied with Iakhovas during the Twelfth Serôs War but Vurgrom was defeated too.[5]

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