Wa was a nation in Kara-Tur.[2]


It was made up of several islands. The largest and most populated island of Wa was known as Tsukishima, composed of towering but extinct volcanoes and fertile lowlands. Uwaji the capital, sat on the east coast. Shidekima, the second largest island, was dominated by vast dry plains, which was mostly unsuitable for farming. To the north of Tsukishima were the islands of Paikai and Machukara, which were little populated. Paikai comprised a cluster of islands covered with rugged mountains and stretches of gravel and volcanic ash. Machukara was a land of dense uncharted forests and was the northernmost region of Wa.[2]

The rest of Wa was known as the Outer Isles, comprising dozens of charted and hundreds of uncharted islands. Charted islands included the Isle of Devils, the Isle of One Thousand Pines, the Isle of the Gloomy Temple, the Isle of the Black Tree, the Isle of No Mosquitoes, the Isle of Immortality, the Isle of the Long Legged and Long Armed, the Isle of Gargantuas, the Isle of Poison, and the Isle of Pearls.[2]



Like Kozakura, Wa is modeled after Japan, but during the Tokugawa Period.[3] Additionally, "Wa" is the oldest recorded name for Japan.

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