Wa-an, or the Wa language, was a language spoken by the Wanese, inhabitants of Wa in Kara-Tur.[2][5]

Wa-an descended from the ancient Han language, as did Koryo and Kozakuran, and possibly others.[1][2] Wa-an and Kozakuran were closely related; some considered them only different dialects of the same language. There was perhaps 65% comprehension between the two.[6]

Wa-an was abundant with polite expressions and flowery terminology. Etiquette rather than grammar regulated the proper usage of many phrases.[2]

Wa-an was divided up into a number of dialects for each of the Wanese social classes, each with vocabulary most often employed by folk of that class and not necessarily used by others. For example, the farmers and fishermen of the No class spoke No Wa-an, which featured a great deal of agricultural terminology that was not to be found in, say, Lords Wa-an.[2][3][note 1]



  1. Only the No Wa-an dialect has been named in the sources. The names of the other dialects were estimated based on the name "No Wa-an" and the names of the social classes given in Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms, Volume II.



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