Wakanga O'tamu (pronounced: /wɑːˈkɑːŋgɑː ˈtɑːmwah-KANG-gah oh-TAH-moo[3]) was a merchant prince in Port Nyanzaru in the late 1480s or early 1490s DR. He was a mage who dealt in knowledge, information, lost lore, potions, and scrolls.[1]


Wakanga O'tamu was a dandy who was easily seduced by smart women, though this was possibly only a carefully constructed public image. He knew about the death curse, but did not know much about it. Although he was willing to help adventurers attempting to end the curse, he was unlikely to extend credit.[1]


Wakanga was a long-time friend of Syndra Silvane.[1]

He was sympathetic to the Harpers and allowed them to use his villa as a safe house.[1]

Bwayes O'tamu, a weretiger in the jungles of Chult, was Wakanga's cousin. The two were quite close as children.[1]