A walking chest, also called a crawlchest or if used for military purposes a crawlchariot, was a magic item used to store things.[1]


A walking chest was a wooden strongchest or open cargo-box that walked on preserved giant spider legs, which were attached to the box or chest.[2]

Crawlchariots were armored walking chests that were also equipped with weapons.[3]


A walking chest was mentally directed by the owner of a control ring, made of silver, pewter, and iron. In the case of a crawlchariot, this was with a control brooch. The user needed to be within 40 ft (12 m).[1]

A walking chest could be directed to attack other creatures. A crawlchariot was equipped with harpoon guns to shoot lances. They defended themselves with their armor but sometimes also with pointed spikes or rotating blades to deter melee attacks against them.[1]


Walking chests were magic items associated with the drow. Their academies, noble houses, and temples had two to five of them to carry goods like food, cleaning supplies, messages, or other items. Crawlchariots were magic items that were viewed as so important that they took special care to guard them.[1]