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Wall-walkers were a species of predatory, subterranean creatures that resembled a cross between spiders and reptiles.[1] There was no known evidence of these creatures living in the Realms.[2][note 1]


The bodies of these creatures were largely spider-like, sporting sharp pincers and eight spindly clawed legs that they used to scoop at dirt and rocks. They had a stinging tail at the end of their body and were covered in armored, reptilian scales. On average they grew to be 5 feet (1.5 meters) in length.[1]


Wall-walkers delighted in frightening and playing with their prey before finishing them, using their abilities to do so. They would move in close to paralyzed prey and stare into their eyes, moving their mandibles back and forth in a threatening manner. If they ever faced a foe that was seeming difficult to defeat, they would flee in search of easier prey.[1]


These creatures possessed a number of innate psionic abilities. These included catfall, contact, feel light, feel sound, mind blank, and shadow-form. One of their unique psionic abilities mimicked chameleons, making their scales take on the color and texture of nearby surfaces. Beyond these abilities a wall-walker was impervious to harm from fire and carried a paralyzing poison in its stinger.[1]


Wall-walkers typically hunted by crawling across walls while camouflaged. When hunting alone they would wait until a target was alone before attacking. When hunting in a pair they would take turns attacking.[1]

These creatures typically attacked by leaping towards their prey, then spin around and strike with their stinger. After this initial attack with their stinger a wall-walker would fight with nothing but its clawed legs and pincers.[1]


Wall-walkers lived in hives that they built inside of cavern walls. When hunting they typically traveled alone or in a pair.[1]


Wall-walkers were a carnivorous species that considered almost anything that passed near them to be prey.[1]


Wall-walkers were known to act as servants of the Faerûnian deity Lolth.[2]

These creatures were often in competition with kalin, to the point that fights usually broke out whenever they came within sight of each other. Wall-walker hunting pairs would even go out of their way to attack nearby kalin.[1]


The scaly hide of wall-walkers could be fashioned into both armor and weaponry.[1]



  1. There were no known instances of a wall-walker in a Realms sourcebook. However, they are listed in Demihuman Deities as one of many creatures that could appear in the Realms to act on behalf of Loth. For this reason, wall-walkers are documented in this article.



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