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The Wall of the Faithless was the wall surrounding the City of Judgment on the Fugue Plane, according to the World Tree cosmology,[1] or surrounding the City of the Dead[3] in the Oinos layer of Hades, according to the Great Wheel cosmology.[2][note 1]

When faithful mortals died, they could petition their respective gods for entry to their plane of influence. However, the faithless were absorbed into the Wall and wholly became a part of it.[4][3]


It was erected by Myrkul to punish the souls of beings who claimed no patron god.[4]


Those who examined the Wall of the Faithless could see the faces and skulls of the countless souls absorbed into the very fabric of the wall.[4]

Initially, the faithless were cemented into the wall with a green, supernatural mold.[5]



  1. The novel Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad states that Kelemvor replaced the Wall of the Faithless with a mirrored wall that showed the false and the faithless their reflections in such a way as to reveal the follies and life choices that led them to be sent to his realm. However, the more recent Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide sourcebook still describes faithless souls being mortared into the Wall for eternity. As of its November 2020 errata, the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide no longer mentions the Wall of the Faithless, but the status of the Wall is now unknown.

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