The Wand of Orcus was the primary weapon of the demon lord Orcus.


The wand was a black obsidian and iron rod topped with the skull of a human hero once slain by Orcus. It was considered a Major Artifact.


If wielded in melee the wand functioned as a +6 unholy chaotic heavy mace. If a non-outsider, or an outsider (except very powerful ones) touched the wand, there was a chance he or she would die immediately.

The wielder of the Wand of Orcus could call upon each of the following powers once per day:


The Wand of Orcus was once destroyed by Gareth Dragonsbane and party after they traveled to the Abyss and stole it from Orcus using advice from Saint Sollars. Bahamut directed them to the only method of its destruction, which was to immerse the wand in the black blood of Tiamat's heart.

The adventurers used the heart of Tiamat's avatar, which proved just as effective,[4] but Bahamut admitted that the Wand of Orcus would eventually return to existence[5] in one century.[6]

After being destroyed in Tiamat's blood, the heart of the wand was left behind in the form of a small white gem. This gem was planted in the courtyard of Palace Dragonsbane in Bloodstone Village and grew into a tall white tree with golden leaves. The Tree-Gem of Bloodstone prevented demons from entering Bloodstone.[6]



The Throne of Bloodstone


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