The Wand of Silvias was an ancient magical wand that had the power to repel seemingly any creature.


The unique wand was beautifully crafted, made of a sleek gold material and held a blue orb. It was etched in runes across its top. Part of it was made from a beholder's eyestalk, and thus was one of the few magical items that could affect beholders.[1]


A mysterious robed figure may have told the Heroes of Waterdeep-to-be that Xanathar's drow minions wanted to steal the wand from the dwarves residing above them. They would use this to raid Waterdeep, however, this would alert the Lords of Waterdeep to the immensity of the threat of Xanathar's plans. Thus, the evil beholder's conquest would be delayed.[1]

After King Teirgoh was cured of his coma, he handed the Heroes of Waterdeep-to-be the powerful wand. They may have used it to force Xanathar into his own trap, killing him.[1]

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