A wand of enemy detection was a rare magical wand, capable of revealing hostile creatures.


These wands could detect the closest hostiles, with up to seven charges, before potentially crumbling to ash. For the next minute, the wielder, after uttering a command word, would know the direction of the nearest hostile within 60' (18.3 m), but not how close it was. Even ethereal, invisible, hidden or disguised hostiles could be detected.[1]

At dawn, two to seven charges (the maximum amount) would be replenished.[1]

One of the ways to create these wands was using barbells of the stalking catfish, a giant carnivorous fish from Underdark. The whiskers were cut down to a foot-long piece and encased in amber to create a wand of enemy detection (only one wand could be crafted per fish).[2]

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