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A wand of fireballs was a rare magical item, which was capable of shooting fireballs.

Here on the planes, we respect knowledge and experience, but that wand of fireballs you've got there doesn't hurt either…
— Muldde Rasculi[4]


There wands were made out of ironwood and topped with a small flaming globe.[2]

These wands could cast fireballs, with up to seven charges, before potentially crumbling to ash. The user could also use the wand to release more powerful balls of fire, but this would result in more charges being used up.[3]

At dawn, two to seven charges (the maximum amount) would be replenished.[3]


The bridge of Womford was incinerated by such a wand.[5]

Notable Wands of Fireballs[]

A wand of fire with a dragon tip.

  • Wand of fire: magic wands of similar power. This variation allowed the user to cast the fireball spell at a target up to 160 feet (49 meters) away. The wand allowed the caster to use two charges at a time for increased explosive power, and was only usable by wizards.[1]

Notable Owners[]




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