A wand of lightning bolts, also referred to as a wand of lightning,[1][2] was a magical wand that discharged blasts of lightning as per the spell after which it was named.[3]


This type of wand was highly unstable during the early stages in their crafting process. If the incantations were not spoken in just the right manner it was quite possible that a squall or electrically-charged fog could appear around the crafter.[2]

It was believed that some more devious wizards inscribed inaccurate directions describing their creation in tomes scattered across the Realms, with the aim of teaching humility to their contemporaries.[2]


Whenever a charge was expended from one of these wands, it discharged a single bolt of lightning. If the wielder so chose, extra charges could be spent in order to increase the destructive capabilities of the discharge.[3]

A wand of lightning bolts that was crafted after the Second Sundering possessed seven charges and recharged every morning at dawn. If it became fully depleted of all of its charges, there was a chance it could cease to function and crumble to dust.[3]



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