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A wand of magic missiles, also sometimes called a wand of magic missile, was an uncommon magical item, that was capable of firing magic missiles.


These wands could cast magic missiles, with up to seven charges, before potentially crumbling to ash. The user could also use the wand to release more magic missiles, but this would result in more charges being used up.[6]

At dawn, two to seven charges (the maximum amount) would be replenished.[6]

Some wands of magic missiles found in the ruins of Myth Drannor and used by the Cult of the Dragon were well-polished bronze rods.[4]


A popular theory among many was that the first wizard inventor of a wand of magic missiles was drawn and quartered for the crime of making magic accessible to the masses. Most wizards, sorcerers, and historians dismissed this bit of lore with a scoff.[1]

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