The wand of power was a potent magical item belonging to a god. This god was said to be the father of the goddess Selûne in the legend called the Song of Selûne.[1] [note 1]


In the Song of Selûne, a young, bored, and impulsive goddess Selûne "borrowed" her father's wand of power and used the wand to fly away in a bubble of force, so that she might experience life in other realms. In time, she traveled to another plane and was smitten by a mysterious and attractive warrior, a lord of his people. The stranger persuaded her to use the wand to transport him and his followers to Toril, where they planned to settle. However, once they landed, he revealed he was the monstrous Imgig Zu, intent on conquest and ruin. He seized her father's wand of power and intended to kill the deceived goddess.[1] [note 2]

Fortunately, with the distraction of a brave young wizard, Selûne was able to escape. The goddess used her own life force to imprison the monsters inside a pocket dimension within a gigantic moonstone, known as Selûne's Eye. However, the wand of power remained in Imgig's clutches.[1]

Having eventually escaped from the gem, Imgig Zu used the wand of power to release the rest of his people from the Selûne's Eye.[2] [note 3]



  1. The idea that Selûne has a father seems rather at odds with other depictions of the goddess and the conventional creation myth of the Realms, in which she is said to have coalesced out of the primordial essence of Realmspace (e.g., Faiths & Avatars page 141 and Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition page 260) and no "father" is mentioned. However, since these sources also say Lord Ao created Realmspace, it is possible that this "father" is Ao. On the other hand, it is possible that this father is strictly the father of Luna, Selûne's avatar within the comics.
  2. It seems unlikely that a being like Imgig Zu could so easily kill a goddess. It may be that the wand of power gave him this ability.
  3. The whereabouts of the wand of power after Imgig's death are unknown from the "Sorcerer's Moon" comic.


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